About Us

McWin Partners is not like any other investment firm

Who we are

McWin S.r.o is a private investment firm run by Henry McGovern and Steve Winegar. It is domiciled in the Czech Republic. Henry and Steve are longtime partners, friends, and highly experienced entrepreneurs. Although the majority of their expertise is in the food and restaurant sector, they also have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, real estate, food tech, and digital commerce fields.

McWin Partners's Edge

McWin Partners is an investment firm built for disruption.

Clear, steady aim.

Since we fundamentally understand the businesses and markets in which we invest and operate, we know where we are going and don’t deviate from our course as we progress. We are never fickle and not easily swayed.

Relentless execution.

We are doers. We make a big impact in the companies we invest in by directing our resources and talent pool and leveraging our global network with a relentless focus on execution.

Solution-driven mindset.

Our flexibility and desire to problem-solve allow us to source and structure differently and find suitable solutions, both at shareholding and operational levels. There is no business challenge we cannot creatively resolve by engaging our collective knowledge and expertise.

Passion for investment.

We simply love what we do and treasure the intangible human component of investing in and nurturing the numerous relationships that shape success. We value the lively interchange that emerges in the process and aim to always foster dynamic, open environments and cultures.

McWin Partners's
Track Record

Henry McGovern and Steve Winegar, are seasoned professionals and excellent entrepreneurs. Henry being the founder of AmRest, and Steve founding several restaurant groups in Spain, they have long history in restaurant business and have acquired vast experience in the space, Between themselves, they have built and operated +2900 restaurants across Europe.

Henry’s and Steve’s ability to create value by acquisitions, integrations and partnerships within restaurant sector across several continents demonstrated by success of AmRest. Exit carried out a $3.9bn valuation (PLN 57 per share).